Lost Trades Fair 2019

The Lost Trades Fair has come early in 2019!  

I look forward to seeing you in less than 2 weeks for 2 days of displays and demonstrations of ye olde trades.  This fair has something for everyone, from the mildly curious to the hobbyists, through to fans of all things historical and everyone else in between. 

I will be demonstrating millinery techniques throughout the weekend and talking about the tools I use.  I'll have more space this year which can only mean....more fairy lights and MORE HATS!

We will have a wonderful display of millinery for you to look at.  Everything will be for sale at very special Lost Trades Fair prices!

Once again there will also be a small selection of the Panama Gambler hats available over the weekend.  These sold out last year so get in early to get yours.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call on 0428 718 714.

An ATM will be on site at Cobb & Co Museum for the event. 

But just as a reminder I also offer the following payment options:



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