The Mortarboard

Did you know that the special hat worn by university graduates finds its origins, or so it is believed, in the mid 15th century?  The distinctive shape apparently evolved from the 'biretta', a hat worn by clergy, scholars, professors etc.  The hat is known as a 'trencher' but you will more often hear it referred to as a 'mortarboard'.  Bricklayers use a square-shaped board to apply the mortar when laying bricks, quite like the distinctive square top section of the hat.  

So why am I telling you all of this?  BECAUSE I FINALLY GOT TO WEAR ONE!  I completed my Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) and recently had my graduation ceremony.  I've occasionally shared details with you of my progress, and now here we are!  (The hat is meant to be worn straight, but mine found itself on a cheeky angle)

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